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Having acquired such a status in educational equipment and having created a number of facilities for the performance of co – curricular activities in specifically – furnished and earmarked rooms and also having laudable advantage of a students – savvy sports academy, the school has almost raised itself to the virtual stature of a senior secondary school with only the departmental formalities yet to be fulfilled. Right from the day, we established the school, we laid emphasis on imparting to our students the eternal values of morality embedded in the age – old spiritual culture of India nurtured by innumberable saints and seers. We are glad to know that in the newly – introduced Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation (CEE) the Central Board of  Secondary Education to which we are affiliated has integrated non – scholastic activities with scholastic activities and this will take care of both the student’s conduct and value system as well as his/her calibre in academics. 

 Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities are an integral part of academic education. They develop the individual talent of the student as to bring his total personality into play. We organize a number of activities throughout the year and see to it that all the students participate in them and also take part in inter class, inter house and inter school competitions. The students are divided into four houses viz. Freedom, Forward, Peace and Unity. Once day of the week is exclusively devoted for inter house competitions. The best performers get routine prizes as well as compete for running trophies and some special prizes which are announced spontaneously for outstanding achievements.

 Games and Sports

Games and sports receive our exceptional attention because we believe it is from the school level that grooming should start for the national or international sports stars. We have adequate space for indoor and outdoor games under the charge of excellent sports teachers and skilled coaches. Some of the games being promoted currently are Table Tennis, Table soccer, Carom, Chess, Skating, Basketball, Roller Hockey, Kho-Kho, Karate, Volleyball and Badminton. We also have a full time Yoga teacher to impart training in yoga as well as meditation exercises that helps not only the physical body but pacifies their minds too. Our students and teams have excelled at District, State and National Levels & have been suitably rewarded by the school.

 Art and Craft Exhibition

Art and craft Exhibition is an annual feature of the school. It is a unique program in which students and teachers display various objects of art and craft having exceptional beauty and utility. Interestingly enough, this exhibition is thrown open not only for our students and their parents but also for the general public. Our experience about the general public response so far has been exceedingly cheering.

 The Annual Cultural Eve/ The Annual Drills Display

The Annual Cultural Eve/ The Annual Drills Display of the school is a special day in many respects. On this day we take stock of the targets fixed, their corresponding achievements and further place a detailed report before the parents and the distinguished audience which gets prominent coverage by the media. No child and no parent goes back without having the feeling of great satisfaction about the school’s profound involvement in the total chiseling of the student’s personality.


 School Curriculum 

 The term ‘ Curriculum’ refer to the process of study in various academic subjects followed by students at  different levels of education.  The School follows  the CBSE pattern of ‘Continuous and Comprehensive Evolution’   which takes care of assessment of all round development of the child’s personality. It includes assessment in Scholastic as well as Co- Scholastic aspect of pupil’s growth. Scholastic aspects include curricular  areas or subjects specific areas, whereas, co- scholastic aspect include Like Skills, Co- Curricular activates,attitudes, and values.

 Nursery Section:-

 The assessment of the Tiny- Tots is done 40% in the form or oral tests and 30% in the form of written tests which are conducted from time to time every month. The rest 30% assessment is based on their behavior inside and outside the classroom and on their performance in different activities/ competitions which are organized from time to time every month.



Primary, Middle & Secondary Section:-

 To assess the students of classes I and ll four Formative Assessments in the form of oral as well as written tests are conducted in the whole year,equal weightage is given and the Grades are given on the 6 point Scale.

 From Class III onwards examination system is introduced in the form of Summative Assessment. The whole year is divided into two terms. Each term contains two Formative Assessment and one Summative Assessment. The Formative Assessment are useful as it includes both feedback & self- monitoring . Summative Assessment measures and sums up how much a student has learned from the course/ content taught to him/her. Grades are given on the 8 Point Scale in Primary Section and 9 Point Scale in Middle and Secondary Section. Students are also assessed in the essential support subjects like Art & Craft, Music, Dance, life Skills, Moral Education & General Knowledge. In the Classes VI to VIII along with the main subjects, we give utmost importance to the third language.