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Mahendergarh Road, Bawania

Director Message

Managing Director Massage:-  

Galaxy school Bawania  has been geared up to be a 'happening institution' which aims to set young minds free, to accept new ways, embrace new technologies and march ahead confidently in tune with the latest in the world. It is moving from step to step, place to place and making its presence felt everywhere. 

The school has been designed to be a place where students shall have an idyllic and memorable childhood filled with joyous laughter of fun and games and the thrill of learning new things each day. A childhood that will be a lifelong asset for a stable and successful life, RKPS is where students will be shaped into caring, courageous and capable citizens of the world. It is education alone that can serve as a beacon to humanity. Our aim is not only to produce mere scholars but a responsible, honest & patriotic citizen of free India. We make a very honest and sincere endeavour to impart education for the all-round development of students i.e. physical, spiritual and intellectual in a congenial atmosphere under the guidance of competent, vigilant, aware and highly qualified team to steer the school to the pinnacle of success. 
A talented and diversified team of teacher’s headed by a Principal, outstanding facilities, technology and the unstinted support from the Advisory Board makes us qualitatively different. A huge, well equipped & well designed building with spacious lawns, play-grounds & Gardens adds to the ambience of the school making the environment eco-friendly. 
I take this opportunity to invite you to be a part of our journey as we have opened a new chapter in our legacy. We promise to hold integrity above all else & shall stay loyal to our principles & follow a path of moral & ethics coupled with VISION & MISSION; as more Institutions are likely. 
“Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to”. 


Dariyav Singh Yadav

Galaxy Sr. Sec. School